Tuesday, July 25, 2006

roller coaster with sharp angles

I was ready to relax. No, really. I was.
Somehow, being the completitor and having dissertatinated was enough.
But then, there was some kind of SNAFU with some paperwork in DC, and the NSF gave me a post-doc fellowship. Off we go again!

Here's an abstract blurb:
The goal of this bioinformatics project is to develop a spatially explicit, agent-based framework of interactions between human mediated landscape change and primate social ecology. This will provide a means to assess potential risks to primate population viability due to nutritional stress induced by social disruption and susceptibility to disease, especially novel pathogens. The framework will establish a tool to assess the human-wildlife interface in many systems wherein the large scale impacts of geographically explicit interaction between the landscape and individual behaviors of humans and wildlife may be poorly understood, but must be managed – for example in establishment of transfrontier park corridors...

At least they give you a chance to honestly state that you will have to learn some software in order to pursue such projects.

In case you didn't see the word PRIMATE in the first sentence, oh yes, we are back to the primates. Yea!! Post-dork begins.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

things you can file

metal bars in jails

Yes, I filed my dissertation. The doctor is in. I am now Sadie Jane Ryan, PhD.

In addition, Holly and I managed to get a band on the gel. Yay PCR.