Monday, February 05, 2007


Aha! Yes, long time no see... but this was worth a blog. I have found another notword that I LOOOVE:

What is this word? Is it a misspelling? Unlikely - this means that something happens rarely, but sometimes, and only fleetingly.

It is a cousin of automagic - something happens and there's a black box of some kind involved.

and How are We doing? The royal wee is learning to program in Java. It's quite a treat to be a decade older than my classmates, and to be learning the code in the silicon valley... oh yes, the industry still needs programmers, and they are bred as high-class software enginerds right here at Stanford.

I absolutely adore my professor. Yes, you heard it here, I think that Eric Roberts is the best teacher I could ever hope for. He wears Hawaiian shirts and sports the balding ponytail of a true programmer. He has all these amazing historic annecdotes about computer science, and loves telling us how he met people at conferences and then he giggles - ah, it's perfect!

I'm not very good at it yet, but it's already made my Matlab code a bit tidier. Oh yes, hello, Sadie is talking about for loops. Good Lord. Please may we iterate? Nyak nyak nyak.

sheesh. At some point I'll understand how to wrap the caboodle into an applet and publish it right here.

Oh, and in case we're worried about the progress of things, here's a sneak preview...