Thursday, March 12, 2009

Green light

So there I was, in SF, about a month ago now, for my dear lovely fiance's birthday (Mike). We had gone out to sushi with a bunch of friends, then a subset of those friends carried on to a bar, and then, as we were rolling down the Mission, making ready to re-board the landship, I declared a need to visit a euphemism.
So we ducked into a lovely taco shop, and the lady paid her visit, and the gentlemen challenged their drinking with some tasty treats. To go. Which were presented in boxes, rather than simply wrapped in foil.
Argh!! said the greenie in me. Styrofoam boxes to pay for my visit! Oh no! But I kept quiet and babbled my incomprehensible melange of Spanishes and off we went.
Later, as I was dealing with the disposal of the 'to go' taco boxes (I mean seriously? Really?), I noticed that they were not styrofoam. The boxes were compostible, and the entirely superflous forks were cornplastic.

I have to say it was a little light of hope. A city night of drankin' with a booze-fueled snackfest in a rather unsavory corner of the Mission (16th st BART station), and they were using environmentally friendly packaging. Happiness.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New BlogPost

Yes! This is a new blogpost. I'm not dead. I just don't blog much. I'm going to open this up to Mike, who will change the way this blog operates. FOREVER.